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Technical & Emergency Exits.

Specially designed and made for specific
purposes, often with features that go beyond just providing an entry or exit.

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Technical & Emergency Doors

Technical or emergency exit doors are doors that are specially designed and made for specific purposes, often with features that go beyond just providing an entry or exit. They are typical doors that incorporate advanced technologies or specific features to serve particular purposes.
These doors can be crafted using various materials and technologies to meet specific needs, such as enhanced security, resistance to fire, or automation. Some materials for technical or emergency exit door finishing include:

  • Steel Collection.
  • Metal Collection.
  • Aluminum Collection.
  • Plastic Collection.
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More On Technical & Emergency Doors

Technical & Emergency Doors vs Other Doors

Generally, steel is considered the best material for this purpose and is commonly used for contemporary fire doors. However, wood can also be used if treated with a fire-resistant sealant.
Similarly, glass can be reinforced with steel or other metals to increase its temperature resistance. They are tailor-made to suit various functions, making them suitable for a wide range of environments like industries, laboratories, schools, shops, corporations, or buildings with
advanced technologies.

Some unique features of the technical and emergency exit doors include the following:

    • Panic Hardware:
      Emergency exit/technical doors have push or gear bars that allow inhabitants to evacuate quickly and easily without requiring precise manipulation of standard door knobs.
    • One-Way Operation:
      Emergency exit doors may have a one-way operation, which allows people to leave the building without restriction while blocking outside intrusion. This function ensures a quick escape in an emergency while maintaining security.
    • Accessible Design:
      Emergency exits and technical doors are built with users in mind. Taking into consideration individuals with disabilities, they usually feature ramps or wider doorways to make them easily accessible for people with impairments.
    • Anti-Panic Lighting:
      In the case of power outages during emergencies, anti-panic lighting is fitted into some emergency exit doors. This keeps escape pathways well-lit, making it easier for passengers to find their way to safety.
    • Compliance with Regulations:
      Emergency exit doors must comply with local building codes and safety regulations. This ensures that the doors meet specific standards for safety and functionality.

Understanding the specific requirements of your project or application will help in selecting the
most suitable technical doors for your needs. Different industries and environments may demand
doors with different features and specifications.
They respond to the needs of both hygiene and mechanical resistance

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