SLV-109 Tire Fuga Teak

Product Details
Product Details

Door Frame

It is made from 2 mm galvanized steel .
Frame can be adjusted to 18 cm- 24 cm wall thickness .
Over 24 cm holds special manufacturing

Door Leaf

It is made from 1,2 mm two monolith plates galvanized steel .
Special UV protected laminated surface over steel leaf (special patented system) .
Front surface modelling system .
Inside the door leaf is made 42 density polyurethane filling .
Hook locking system .
3 pieces stable safety pin .
Hidden safety clips .
Special stainless 70 cm pipe door handle .
Luxury peephole .
Weldless adjustable hinges .
Around the door leaf is designed by Special anodized aluminum .
Optional 8mm special MDF Front surface can be done .
8MM Laminated MDF Front surface can be done