Sunny UV Glass Serie SNY UV-101 Sara UV Golden Oak

Product Details
Product Details

Door Frame

It is made from 2 mm galvanized steel .
Frame can be adjusted to 18 cm- 24 cm wall thickness .
Over 24 cm holds special manufacturing .
Electrostatic powder paint

Door Leaf

It is made from 1,2 mm two monolith plates galvanized steel .
Special PVC laminated surface with chrome detail and transparent glass .
Inside door leaf is filled by 42 density polyurethane.
Hook locking system .
3 pieces stable safety pin .
Hidden safety clips .
Special stainless door handle .
Luxury peephole .
Weldless adjustable hinges .
Around door leaf is designed by special anodized aluminum .
Glass 6+52+6 Light permeable tempered reflective glass.
Attention .
SUNNY serie can be manufactured as single leaf and double leaf.
Lock specifications will be difference according to leaf type.
(*)On single leaf, locking system is used hook locking system and Hidden safety clip.
(**)On double leaf, locking system is used mono block locking system.
Hidden safety clip is not used